We believe the heart of marketing is simple:


Connect people who need something with businesses that are on a mission to meet that need (and actually care).

Sound like you?

We’re a little different, we know.​​

You could think of us as a full service marketing agency.


Or you could think of us as a white-glove concierge service that carefully guides your dreamboat customer on the journey from stranger to raving fan. We’re talking fans so loyal they shout your name from the rooftops and text their mom about you (re: grow your business for you while you sleep).

Nothing fires us up like seeing purpose-driven businesses thrive, and we have the diverse professional expertise to help you get there.


So yes, we can build beautiful landing pages, write compelling copy, create share-worthy social posts...

But first and foremost, we want to make sure your business has a lasting brand.

How we do it - 

We Start With: Marketing Strategy & Planning 

Do you know the why behind your what? Let’s get clear on the impact you want to make, so we can craft a holistic strategy that aligns with your mission and values.

Which Allows Us To Do: Creative Execution

An idea is only as good as its execution. We narrow in on your ideas, build them out, and bring them to your target audience.


You could say we're pretty well rounded...

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Hate to break it to you, but your brand is more than your logo. We’ll do a thorough brand excavation to get at the core of your brand identity, and then create impactful ways to express that to your customer.


Your website is your digital first impression. We’re experts at building beautiful and functional websites that convert serial browsers into loyal buyers. 

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Don’t waste your digital breath– we write words that pull their weight (because no amount of pretty photos can do all the heavy lifting).



We're creatives who don't shy away from numbers. We'll test, we'll measure, and pull it together in a readable report so we are on the same page with how things are working.


Ah, social media. You love it. You hate it. We get it. We create scroll-stopping content and top-level growth strategies that actually move the needle in your business.

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Let’s talk shop. Learn tangible ways to grow, scale, and refine your business with our courses and workshops (without the stuffy classroom and dusty chalkboard). 

We work with...

Forward-thinking companies who believe in a modern approach to business


As a solopreneur,  it’s easy to get buried in the weeds of marketing your own service or product– especially when you’re in charge of all the things. If you’re ready for a little less hustle and a little more long-term strategy, bring us in.


You’ve got a good thing going. Now you need some rocket fuel to scale, a solid strategy, and a marketing team that’s along for the ride.


You know who you are and who you’re here to serve, but things are feeling a little stale. You're ready for a fresh set of eyes on your business to help reconnect with your clients. We help you dream big, cut through the noise, and tackle challenges with a fresh perspective. 

We promise that you'll want to brag about your experience working with us.

Just like they did...

Hannah very quickly blew me away. I'm very type A, I hold myself and my staff to a very high standard, and she leveled me up immediately.  For one of the first times, I've felt like I have finally found someone that is on my level and is going to be the extra set of eyes I've always needed. She's wicked smart, full of positivity, and I can always hear her joy in what she does. I use her services every single week and there will be no end in sight. She would be a great addition to anyone's team.

Dala McDevitt

Fitness Influencer and CEO of DLDNation, a 7 Figure Online Coaching Business

Hannah continuously gets into the weeds of our projects and data to determine what works, what doesn't, and where we can improve. The reports and insights she provides are phenomenal and have increased the revenue generated from our launches by tens of thousands of dollars.

She does a great job at articulating her findings, she shares valuable and nuanced insights and ideas with our leadership and marketing team, and gives us actionable plans to help support our marketing efforts. She even gives tangible feedback to our marketing team on how they can better create content that converts. Hannah has an extraordinary depth of knowledge around marketing, she's fun and easy to work with, and she has our team's recommendation behind her.

Michael Cazayoux

President + Chief of Strategy at Working Against Gravity

Working with Hannah was a game-changer for me. She helped me think about my business in a new, transformative way. My whole approach to my business and my ideal client has shifted... She is definitely worth the investment if you want to take your business to the next level.

Allison Otto

Emmy-Nominated, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker

I'm a small business owner and solopreneur. When I reached out to Hannah to support me, I wasn't sure exactly what I needed, I just know I needed help. I got was a QUEEN of all trades. Hannah has singlehandedly revolutionized the way I track clients, payments, and analytics. She has helped me organize and launch a completely passive online course, and I will continue to lean on her for support in my business as long as she will have me as a client!

Hannah Deindorfer

Multiple 6-Figure Business Coach and Course Creator

Hannah is truly fantastic at what she does. She has amazing attention to detail and does an amazing job making your brand's message loud and clear through her work. She has a deep understanding of marketing, branding, copy, and the customer's journey. In addition to high-quality work and speed of delivery, Hannah is all around a sweet and genuine person who wants the best for you, your brand, and your company. I recommend her to everybody I know.

Chad Molyneux

7-Figure Business Owner and Business Coach

I loved working with Hannah! I heard of her through my membership with the Next Level Coaching Academy. She was super easy to work with since day one. She understood my branding and my vision and what I needed and I absolutely loved everything she created for my business. It was exactly what I envisioned and what I was looking for. I am going to continue using her services and I recommend her to anyone!

Sasha Nieves

CEO of Actively Chic Fitness

About Us

We’re a team of coffee-fueled, tech-savvy marketing professionals who nerd about all things digital, and know their way around a Zoom room.


After working with high-profile corporations and emerging startups alike, founder and CEO Hannah Marie knew it was possible to grow your business to six figures and beyond without the mass marketing hype or inflated vanity metrics.


So she started The Modern Marketing Co. with a simple goal: to connect people who need something with businesses that are passionate about meeting that need.


We love what we do, and so will you. 

Hannah Marie Oliva
Founder, Strategist
Sarah Baus
Head of Operations
Natasha Pinney
Marketing Director
Kelsey Eikenberry
Jr. Strategist, Analyst
Gabriella Rojas
Content Creator
Junior Pawject Manager

Simply put, we do business differently. You in?

Do business the modern way.

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