Brand Strategy Workshop

Stand out from the crowd and create a brand that people remember

March 11th, 2021 from 2-3pm CST

March 11th, 2021 from 3-4pm CST

If so, the answer is simple, you need two things:


Clarity on your special sauce AND who you are trying to serve.


Register now to define your unique position in the fitness industry and attract paying clients who spread your brand like wildfire. 

What We’ll Dive Into:


1. Crafting your Ideal Client Persona because the faster you niche down, the faster your business will blow up. 

2. Our 5 Step Brand Strategy Formula so you're clear on what makes you unique, in order to become a more purposeful and profitable fitness coach.

3. Your ICA statement formula so that you can clearly articulate who you serve and what change you make in their lives. 

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Hosted by Hannah Marie Oliva

There are a lot of coaches out there - Ready to stand out?