Injuries such as knee or back pain that impairs your quality of life

The Coach's Copy Quickstart

300+ Social Media Topics, Sentence Starters & Email Subject Lines to

Make Your Content Stand Out 


The Coach's Copy Quickstart

Making wondering what to post
and how to make it sound good a thing of the past.

Have a love/hate relationship with content creation?

​We get it. You know strong content is crucial to the health of your business but it can be hard to consistently think of what to post and say it in a way that hooks your reader when you’re busy, you know, actually coaching people. 

​So we fixed that.

We created the Coach's Copy Quickstart to help you get past the rut of staring at a blank screen and start creating engaging content that your audience can't enough of.

So what exactly do I get?

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Inside The Coach's Copy Quickstart you'll get - 

  • 150+ content prompts that'll help you inform and inspire your audience while building trust and connection

  • 150 captivating sentence starters so you can hook your reader in two seconds and have them actually soak up all your knowledge

  • 30 email subject line formulas (plus tons of examples) so you can write emails that get opened

But what you are really getting are endless amount of opportunities to show up
as the authority figure that you are.

Copy Formulas = Endless Opportunity
(no math required)

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

We're not actually going to teach you how to fish. But we will teach you how to write great content.

The Coach's Content Lab is filled to the brim with both Point-Blank Copy and our signature Copy Formulas. 

Copy formulas are sentence structures you can keep in your back pocket and use over and over again.

Example of a copy formula:

"[Undesired result] + [The Right Solution]"

Example of point-blank copy: 

"Cheat day turn into cheat weekend? 👀 Here’s how to get back on track ➡"

Example of a copy formula:
"3 ways you’re making _____ harder than it needs to be"

Example of point-blank copy: 

"3 ways you're making fat loss harder than it needs to be".

See what we meant by endless opportunity?

The Choice Is Yours

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What's Included:

  • 150+ Content Topics

  • 150 Sentence Starters

  • 30 Email Subject Line Formulas

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