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Do you have a 

BIG VISION of the future but the path to success feels a little fuzzy?

That's no surprise — when you're busy dreaming up and doing visionary things, the path to success isn't always crystal clear.


But when it's game time, experienced female founders know that getting the right people in their court is the right move.


And if you've hit a wall in your business – whether that be in revenue, productivity, or innovation – and things are feeling stale, stuck, and static... it may be your time, too.


And that's where we come in...

We're here to help you breathe new life into your business, get things into alignment with what you really want, and make things move.


Just a few things you can accomplish–

Get crystal clear on your vision, mission, brand values, and direction

Create a laser-focused marketing roadmap for substantial growth

Build a customer journey that systemically turns strangers into raving fans

Launch successful marketing campaigns without spinning your wheels

Grow an engaged audience with an aligned and authentic content strategy

Create streamlined systems and processes for maximum ease

Build out your marketing team and tech stack

Productize your service business to scale both money and time

Routinely solve big business problems so you can get back to making an impact

In short, we help you achieve the vision you have for your life and business.

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Here's what you'll get


90-Day Marketing Roadmap: Whether you're cultivating a brand new idea or ready to break out of a business plateau, we'll help you map out a concrete and crystal-clear action plan for the next 90 days. Consider this your first step towards clarity, focus, and direction.


Bi-Weekly One-on-One Coaching Calls: Your private 1:1 work party with Hannah and Natasha will be a power hour full of hype-building, problem-solving, and progress-making toward your vision. You'll leave fired up and focused for the next sprint in your marketing roadmap.


Ad-hoc Marketing Review: As you and your marketing team execute your roadmap, we'll function as a second pair of eyes giving you actionable feedback so you create effective marketing assets like a pro... the kind that makes your audience say "hell yes"!


Slack Access: We're giving you full permission to slide into our Slack DM's (well... on weekdays between the hours of 9-5pm because #healthyboundaries.) We're here for all the things that just can't wait til our next call, whether it's an "SOS" or an"OMG WE DID IT!!!" moment.


Access to THE VAULT: Get access to our full collection of marketing resources and step-by-step playbooks spanning topics such as offer creation, brand building, audience growth, content strategy, funnel building, email strategy, website optimization and more.


Community: You're in good company! Feel at home within our community of diverse female founders where you can get inspired, receive support, and build relationships with women who are also making good.

This is for the female founders who are ready to...

Get into the CEO seat of their business and become strategic leaders instead of just do-ers.

Build a business that gives them both time and money, not just another job.

Prioritize working on their business, not just in their business.

Commit to the process, let go of perfectionism and lean into the un-comfy-ness of making brave decisions you've kept on the backburner


Meet Your Marketing Coaches

The Marketing Strategists behind 6 to 9-figure businesses.

From helping emerging startups cross the $1M mark...

To transforming the way high-powered 9-figure entrepreneurs get their operations organized...

And building a 6-figure marketing agency in under 10 months...


We’re now here to roll up our sleeves and help YOU build the boldest vision of your future.

Hannah Marie Oliva

Coaching Superpower: Inspiring others to dream bigger than they ever have and take bold, brave action towards their future.

Zodiac: Aries

Enneagram: 3 and 8

Human Design: Manifesting Generator

Quote: Everything is figureoutable.

Perfect Saturday: Grabbing an iced coffee on the way to play pickleball with her husband and meeting up for dinner with Natasha in the evening!

Kryptonite: The movie Coco


Natasha Pinney

Coaching Superpower: Empowering others to chase what truly lights them up and embrace the fun in life.

Zodiac: Tarus

Enneagram: 3 and 7

Human Design: Projector

Quote: Let's freaking do this!

Perfect Saturday: Meeting friends and family for brunch then going for a hike with her pup and meeting up for dinner with Hannah in the evening!

Kryptonite: Fluffy dogs


Investment Options

When you sign up for our Marketing Coaching & Advising, we will work in 3-month sprints to accomplish your marketing goals. We have two payment options to choose from:

Month By Month

Paid In Full



SAVE $600



Here's the Summary

You will...

Have a crystal clear understanding of how to achieve the vision you have for your life and business

You'll have the tools and support you need to start making things move.

We’ll help you lay the groundwork your business needs for years to come.

You'll join a badass circle of supportive women you can learn and grow from.

You'll create the marketing systems and assets that bring your vision to life.

You'll level up your marketing skills and feel confident in the brand you're building.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The Modern Marketing Co. Testimonial

Hannah very quickly blew me away. I'm very type A, I hold myself and my staff to a very high standard, and she leveled me up immediately.


For one of the first times, I've felt like I have finally found someone that is on my level and is going to be the extra set of eyes I've always needed. She's wicked smart, full of positivity, and I can always hear her joy in what she does. We use her marketing services every. single. week and there will be no end in sight. She would be a great addition to anyone's team.



"Working with Hannah was a game changer for me."

She helped me think about my business in a new, transformative way. My whole approach to my business and my ideal client has shifted.

Alison Otto

Emmy-Winning Videographer

"She helps us gets things done and done exceptionally well."

We’ve worked with many consultants over the years; Hannah is by far one of the best. Not only are her marketing skills honed, but she’s just a gem to work with.

Ryan Menzer

Founder of Particular Fare

"She is such a huge help to me and invaluable to any business owner."

Hannah is a queen of all trades. She helped me launch a passive online course, and I will continue to lean on her for support! She is so professional, timely, and one of the kindest people I know.

Hannah Deindorfer

Founder and Business Coach


Ready to get the growth you've been looking for?

Don't wait to take your business to the next level. Apply now and schedule a free 30-minute consultation call to talk about your vision and how we can help.

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Once you hit submit, you'll be routed to our booking page to schedule a 30-minute chat so we can dive into what you're looking for.


Talk soon!

Hannah & Natasha

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