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Modern Marketing | NLCA

Helping passionate coaches expand their reach
and build profitable businesses.


The Coach's Content Lab


Have a love/hate relationship with content creation?

We get it. You know that content is crucial to the health of your business, but trying to get into a rhythm of posting can be really time-consuming and expensive to outsource. Our starter pack gives you the templates you need to look like a pro, and the trainings to help you create a brand you love!

What's Included

  • Access to 200+ professionally designed and editable Canva templates for IG Posts created just for coaches

  • Includes templates for: infographics, charts, graphs, engagement posts, client testimonials, client before/afters, Q&A's, recipes, blog promotions, event and freebie promotions, quotes, and more

  • Mini Training:  How to Become a Canva Pro 

  • Mini Training:  How to DIY Your Brand 

Starter Pack

Full Bundle


Our complete toolkit to becoming a social media pro. You'll get our entire collection of graphic templates and copy support so your content looks as professional as you are. PLUS you'll get exclusive trainings on how to maximize your social media efforts and generate revenue!

What's Included

  • Over 200 Editable Canva Templates for Social Media Posts

  • ​Over 75 Editable Canva Templates for PDFs and eBooks

  • Over 50 Editable Canva Templates for Instagram Stories

  • 30 Engagement Prompts for Instagram Stories

  • 150+ Content Topics

  • 150 Sentence Starters

  • 30 Copy Formulas​

  • Mini Training:  How to Become a Canva Pro 

  • Mini Training:  How to DIY Your Brand 

  • Mini Training: Creating an Engaging Content Calendar

  • Mini Training: How to Generate Revenue with Content


Logo & Branding Packages

You've put so much time and effort into creating your business - it's time to give it the branding it deserves. From fonts and colors to a custom logo, our team of skilled graphic designers will help create a unique identity for your brand that will attract your ideal client and make you stand out from the competition. 


Text-based logo package starting at: $1,200

Graphic-based logo package starting at: $1,800

Let's Make Magic!

Start Your Custom Project

We can't wait to work with you! Tell us about what custom project you want to get started on in the form below. 

What are you hoping to chat about? Select all that apply.
Most of our projects have a minimum investment of about $500. Is that an investment doable for your business at this point in time?

Once you hit submit, you'll be routed to our booking page to schedule a 20-minute chat so we can dive into what you're looking for.


If you just have a general question you want a quick answer for in an email, just skip on booking a call and we'll get back to you!


What Our Clients Are Saying


Hannah very quickly blew me away. I'm very type A, I hold myself and my staff to a very high standard, and she leveled me up immediately.


For one of the first times, I've felt like I have finally found someone that is on my level and is going to be the extra set of eyes I've always needed. She's wicked smart, full of positivity, and I can always hear her joy in what she does. We use her marketing services every. single. week and there will be no end in sight. 

Dala McDevitt

CEO of DLDNation

4V5A8901 (2).jpg

She understood my branding and my vision and what I needed and I absolutely loved everything she created for my business. It was what I was looking for. I am going to continue using her services and I recommend her to anyone.

Sasha Nieves

Founder and CEO of Actively Chic Fitness


She has amazing attention to detail and does an amazing job making your brand's message loud and clear through her work. She has a deep understanding of marketing, branding, copy, and the customer's journey. I recommend her to everybody I know.

Chad Molyneux

CEO of an Online Fitness Coaching Business


Hannah quickly made a plan for what I was looking for. I was impressed with how Hannah knew exactly what I was looking for without me even fully knowing! I have no complaints about the service. It was worth it and I will be back if I need anything else.

Jack Barnett

Owner of an Online and Brick and Mortar Coaching Business


Hannah has an extraordinary depth of knowledge around marketing. She continuously gets into the weeds of our projects and launch data to determine what works, what doesn't. Her insights have increased our launch revenue by tens of thousands of dollars. She's fun and easy to work with and she has our team's recommendation behind her.

Michael Cazayoux

President + Chief of Strategy at Working Against Gravity


When I reached out to Hannah to support me, I wasn't sure exactly what I needed, but I got was a QUEEN of all trades. She has helped me organize and launch a completely passive online course, and I will continue to lean on her for support in my business as long as she will have me as a client.

Hannah Deindorfer

Multiple 6-Figure Business Coach for Fitness Coaches


I know Hannah had worked with other professionals in the online fitness industry and they had nothing but good things to say about her! If you want
an easy, fun and professional experience – work with Hannah! 

Emily Shaw

CEO, Online Fitness Coach

IMG-20200806-WA0001 (1).jpg

Hannah is a wordsmith, and she was able to turn our ideas and rough drafts into perfectly polished messages. She'll start improving upon your current methods IMMEDIATELY, and you'll wonder why you didn't reach our sooner. 

Megan Davis

Founder + CEO of an Online Fitness Coaching Company

You're on the list. Good stuff coming shortly :)

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The Modern Marketing Co. is a digital marketing agency based in Austin, TX helping female founders make the impact they were born to.

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