Injuries such as knee or back pain that impairs your quality of life

Sell with Stories

Are you tired of hearing crickets in your DM's?

Start turning cold prospects into warm leads that engage AND buy. 

The Sell with Stories Bundle helps increase your ...







Sound great doesn't it? Here's the secret ⬇

Instagram loves when you use as many features they offer as possible.

The problem with that?

It's hard to consistently show up on social media when you're busy, you know, actually coaching people. 

Not to mention, trying to run your business, spend time in your DM's sparking up conversations with people, and trying to get sales.

​So we fixed that for you.

The Sell with Stories Bundle takes advantage of the fact that Stories -

  • Get a lot more exposure than Feed posts

  • Are much easier for people to engage with

  • Let you start warm conversations with people after they've engaged with your Story (ahem, levelling up your DM outreach strategy)

And it all comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional Social Media Marketing services.


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What's Included

The bundle includes 50+ Canva templates you can use to
inform, engage, connect with and sell to your audience.
PLUS, 30 IG story prompts to help you use Instagram Stories more effectively.

50+ professionally designed Canva templates created just for coaches

  • Includes templates for:

    • Infographics, ​charts, graphs

    • Engagement posts

    • Client Testimonials

    • Client Before/Afters

    • Q&A's

    • Polls

    • Blog promotions

    • Event promotions

    • Freebie promotions

    • ​Quotes

  • Plus, 30 IG story prompts to start putting these templates to work

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